Original Short Stories

——————————————— Late Night Visit ————————————————

Written By ChrisA


    Up late again, drinking beer and watching a Star Trek movie. The phone rings. Hello? Hello? No reply. I continue with what I was doing. Suddenly ruffling noises from outside. I get up, the phone rings. I grab my phone and run to the door. The number is unknown. Hello? I ask as I open the front door. The noises get louder. On the phone a woman’s voice says “Are you tired of your long distance”. I hang up. All the sudden a raccoon runs out of the bushes. I scream. “AHHHH”. I grab my chest as if I were having a heart attack. I see the racoon look back at me. Pissed off, I run down the street after the racoon. “Get the fuck out of here” I scream. 

    I got back in the house and sat down at my computer. I try to calm myself as I continue to watch the movie. 


    I hear a ticking sound. Tick, Tick, Tick. BOOOM. “What the F? I run back outside, Standing proudly is the mighty racoon and he brought friends. Next to him (I am assuming it is a him) is the terrifying rabbit. Then the horrible wombat. And last off all is the ferocious Chia Pet smoking a cigar. Well, if it’s war you want, then war is what you’ll get. I go back into the house and come back out with a sawed off shot gun. Little did I know, they rigged the door with a bucket of cold water, and it was 8 below zero. Oh, you Basterds. “I’ll get you for this” I said waving my fist in the air as if I just don’t care. I could hear them in the distance laughing. 


    The game is afoot. Weapons check, grenades? Check. Sword? Check. Uzi? Check. Tank? Check. Ok then, lets get those Bastards. I run outside; Guns are a blazing. Victory will be…. What the hell is that noise? Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep. 

    I wake up in bed. Oh, its my alarm. I have to get up and go to work. It was all a dream. 


 How the hell else was I supposed to end this story? I mean you had a damn Chia Pet smoking cigar for Christ sake. 

How silly can you get?

—————————————- Relieving A Curse ————————————————–

Written By Parag Vyas

Jessica stepped over the criss-crossing ashened bodies, but her foot slipped and as she caught herself she heard the crunch of charcoal flesh. She knocked her heel against the ground and continued moving toward the remains of the town. Squinting against the sun, she spotted what she was looking for. Taking out her binoculars she saw it jutting up from the ground, it was as big as a two story house. The fingers were red with inflammation, slowly arpeggiating its movements back and forth as it scanned over the hilltops surrounding the town with bulging eyes in its fingertips.

Jessica pursed her lips and began to whistle softly, the hand stopped. Jessica then let out a burst of melodic whistles. The fingers arched across, snapping its knuckles looking for her. When they locked in on her, droplets of tears began to well and fall to the ground.

She was underneath it now. Deep cracks radiated out from the base across its palm, with one particularly large scar running down the middle. Blood had oozed out and caked over all of them like sap. It had been rotting slowly for years. Opening up her backpack, Jessica pulled out a stereobox and placed it on the ground. 

“Hello friend,” Jessica said smiling. 

She motioned for it to come down to her. The fingers curled in, five unblinking eyes hovered in front of her. After solemnly bowing her head Jessica squatted down to the stereo and pressed play. The recording of a harp playing a slow bittersweet melody was soon followed by Jessica’s own soft singing as she stepped back. 

The pupils of each of the eyes looked up and away into different corners. This reaction often occurred with others and was among the many clues to people like Jessica that there was still a mind and memories in them. Leathery eyelids rolled over its tired gaze and soon all the tension gave away as the hand lied down flat on its palm. Jessica took off her boots, pulled out a stethoscope, and began gingerly climbing up onto it, Jessica was humming along to the music. Finally on the left side she found the heartbeat. She made a mental note of its location and climbed back down. 

The sun was now sliding down behind the few buildings left, so Jessica slowly dialed back the volume of the stereo before turning it off completely, and started setting up her tent. As she finished Jessica heard a gurgling noise that morphed into a pathetic muffled moan. The hand was awake and stood back upright. With it now facing her, a massive fissure grew down the middle along the scar she’d seen before, and suddenly it pulled wide apart. It began hyperventilating through its grotesque toothless mouth but after awhile drew in a half dozen long deep breaths. Fleshy strands of tendons shot across and sutured the opening back up starting from the top and working down. The hand had now returned to how she found it, but was still understandably transfixed on her. 

Jessica clicked on her long range radio and gave her report confirming another dead town with a hand in its center. She was told an extermination team would be deployed tomorrow and would reach her the day after, She got into her tent, put in earplugs, and quickly fell asleep after another long day.

—————————————- The Punishment ————————————————-

Written By Parag Vyas

A young man in his mid-twenties walked blindfolded and handcuffed down a street lined by equally blindfolded school children. The children clasped orange flowers. Some lifted their cloth up with one hand to peek while others tilted their heads up to get a glimpse. The two heavily armed guards stopped the young man in the middle street and knelt him down. They haphazardly shaved his head and then lifted one hand free and extended it over his head. The children were fidgeting now as the shorter guard spoke,

“With this hand this citizen has chosen to open the forbidden door. We will now take payment,”

The larger guard took a pair of vices and clenched the man’s thumb between them. The children had stopped fidgeting, some of them had blindfolds pulled completely down. Others muffled the high pitched scream with hands over their ears.The short guard then lifted the other arm, 

“This citizen has opened and read upon the forbidden book. We will now take payment.”

This time the young man vomited and swayed slowly, he was going into shock. He slipped backward with a thud as he failed supporting himself with his freshly mutilated hands. Some of the children were also going into shock. Cameras and teachers were taking note who. The young man was now passed out in the cold street, framed by orange sidewalks covered in bruised flowers.         

“And finally this citizen has chosen to speak the forbidden knowledge. We will now take payment.”

School bells rang.